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Whitewood Law frequently and successfully represents our clients in patent litigation. Our significant experience expands a wide range of industries, including but not limited to the chemical, biochemical, and pharmaceutical industries. Our knowledge in industries and experience in practice grants us strategic advantages in patent litigation and recovered millions of dollars for our clients.



Whitewood Law represents and advises clients in a wide range of industries on issues arising under the trademark laws. We have defended clients against allegations of trademark infringement and brought claims and counterclaims to enforce trademark rights. We have years of experience in handling some high-profile trademark matters with extraordinary results. 



Whitewood Law has extensive experience representing content owners, distributors, and others in prosecuting and defending copyright infringement claims. We enjoy a high reputation both in active litigation strategy and routine legal advice to clients on a variety of copyright issues. 


Trade Secrets

Whitewood Law enjoys high praise in prosecuting and defending trade secrets claims. We deeply understand the sensitive nature of trade secret allegations in and before litigation. We routinely conduct a confidential and comprehensive internal investigation when misappropriation and misuse are suspected. We also frequently advise clients on information protection and risk management. 


Licensing and Transactions

Whitewood Law has extensive experience representing both sides in licensing and transactions of intellectual property rights, including but not limited to patents, trademarks,  technology, data, and software. We recognize and promote the business and legal interest of clients in licensing and transactions and also are skilled at dealing with the related areas of law in licensing and transactions.


IP Due Diligence

Whitewood Law has significant experience in reviewing the intellectual property and status of enterprises in related business transactions or investments. We recognize and assess the potential risk of such transactions and provide legal advice and resolution to effectively reduce such risks and protect the interest of clients.


Commercial Litigations

Whitewood Law is highly praised for our focus on creative thinking and professional resolutions in handling many complex cases. We represent companies, private equity firms, and individuals in significant and high-stakes disputes. This diverse practice gives us insight into the litigation strategies and our litigation planning is guided by our clients’ business objectives to achieve the best results. 


Corporate Law

Whitewood Law enjoys a high reputation in corporate law. We have earned high praise for the professional insight and innovative approach in dealing with the complex and demanding transaction and governance issues in corporate law, and are recognized in terms of expertise in M&A transactions, IPOs, bond offerings, other equity/debt financing, foreign direct investments, joint ventures, general corporate, commercial and compliance matters.


Venture Capital Financing

Whitewood Law provides professional and practical counsel in venture capital financing. We enjoy the praise for the sensitive insight into the business and legal interests of clients and the efforts to provide high-quality and cost-efficient legal advice during venture capital financing. 


Start-up Companies

Whitewood Law successfully provides start-up companies legal advice during the whole process, including establishing, financing, going public, and so on. We are fiercely committed to client service and quality, forging long-term cooperation with clients and supporting their development and business objectives in long-standing. 


Mergers and Acquisitions

Whitewood Law successfully brings our clients' commercial sensitivity and professional advice to the representation in M&A. In both U.S. and global M&A, we help our clients deal with potential legal and commercial challenges with the focus on their strategic objectives and goals. Long-standing relationships with clients in different industries reflect our ability to provide industry-specific solutions to the particular matter and our wealth of experience to deliver commercial advice to support our clients’ business objectives and strategic success. 


Securities and Capital Markets

We provide professional, innovative, and practical counsel on a wide range of capital raising and securities law issues. We represent clients including public and private companies of different industries, funds, private equity and venture capitalists, governments, and NGOs. We enjoy a distinctive reputation for providing sophisticated deal structures in financing transactions and being sensitive to providing professional and cost-efficient service.


Private Equity Financing

Whitewood Law has a significant combination of technical capabilities, market knowledge, and client coverage in serving private equity. Our expertise and depth give us insight into the needs of clients in private equity financing. We have supported our clients in developing various financing techniques in the field of private equity and continue to be the firm of choice of many sophisticated private equity firms.

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